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Mars Enterprises came in to existence in March 1999 as a registered firm to provide services with excellence in the field of retrofitting and industrial automation with the theme “let us share the advancement and advantage of modern age technology”. No doubt it was a break through in the world of engineering in Pakistan. Our mission is to serve the engineering industry by providing better services and value professionally. Our vision is to be the leader in providing application, solution and training in the automation field. We are creating value – added services and high quality customer service.

Mars Enterprises itself possesses a dedicated team of qualified engineers. So, now, we have new freedom to orient ourselves to the needs for our clients, to act even more flexibly, to provide even better customer service and to accelerate our innovative development.

Today Mars enterprises carry on to build the tradition of success: As the market leader in almost all kind of industrial automation, We offer our clients a comprehensive product portfolio of various CNC controls, New CNC machines, Metrology and other products with a wide variety for industries and application.

In 2003 M/s CENTROID corporation USA appointed Mars enterprises as a regional authorized dealer to sell, service, support their CNC controls and related products. Now Mars enterprises have become leader in the field of CNC machines retrofitting and consultancy in the eyes of decision makers.

In 2005 M/s Yih Chuan Machinery industry Co, Koan Cho Machinery  And Mill Seiki Taiwan, appointed Mars enterprises to sale and service their EXTRON brand new CNC machines with after sale, service and back up.

Subsequent to the start up, we have set up some ambitious goals. For one, we will continue to carry on the success of past. Another will involve exploring new approaches in the future. This will mean expanding our range of first class services and putting ourselves in a position to provide our customers with more system solution. The experience gained by our employees in a multitude of applications and industries, forms an excellent foundation. In the future, Mars enterprises will present itself as the trendsetter in industrial automation.

Our clients are our first priority. They are the standard that govern on everything that we do as a young and flexible company. That means we orient ourselves to their needs. We advise our clients as individually and objectively – including on complete solution involving entire system. Mars enterprises implement your requirements, find the best industrial automation product and transform this knowledge into the right solution for your applications. For the maintenance of our products and systems, we also provide comprehensive services.

As important partners, our client’s satisfaction is our standard in automation technology. Because, Mars enterprises provides every thing including selling to installation and commissioning and after sale service, so, you have just one point of contact for all your needs. That gives you a clear advantage in turning to us.

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH Mars Enterprises has succeeded in signing an agreement with the manufacturers of latest automation products to represent them as a sole agent in all over Pakistan for the marketing of their dedicated motion control system. Now Mars Enterprises will get its share as to represent the leading names in the industry from around the world. In addition to a highly focused product range that provides “ Solutions in motion” as follow.

  • Stepper / Servo motors, Driver and Controllers
  • PC based motion control system
  • Aluminum Profile system
  • Linear Motion System
  • Ball screw and Belt driven intelligent Actuator
  • Linear and Rotary / X-Y-Z Table
  • Oldham / Flexible Couplings, Cable Chain, Linear and Rotary Bearings, Precision Gear box, Power supply.

The mission of Mars enterprises is to provide customers all over Pakistan with a single source of CNC controls, Machines as well as equipment and accessories, technical expertise, metrology training, Software and complete aftermarket services including parts, maintenance, upgrades retrofits and rebuilds.

Our Principal M/s Brown & Sharp a division of Hexagon Metrology, Inc offers most complete line of dimensional metrology products any where in the world.

  • Co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM)
  • Precision hand tools
  • Optical measuring machines
  • Height gauges.

Our mission is to serve the Automation industry by providing better services and value professionally. Our vision is to be the leader in providing application, solution and training in the automation field. We are creating value – added services and high quality customer service. To fulfill its mission and to practice its vision Mars Enterprises is at your service at all the time.

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