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M-400 CNC control for Milling machines

With 5000 operational CNC controls in the field CENTROID has a proven track record of performance and reliability. No other control give you so much return on your investment. From day in and day out reliable operation to giving you the capability to produce parts efficiently the CENTROID CNC control is unmatched. You have to drive it to believe it, the ease of use alone saves you thousands and allows you to actually do those advanced CNC functions that everyone is bragging about. CENTROID manufactures its own CPU's, motor amplifiers, PLC's and software so it all works together well making your user experience straight forward.
M-39 CNC control for Milling machines

All the power of the M-400, the M-39 features a remote operators control pendant. Strong magnets on the back of the pendant hold it in place. Use it semi permanently mounted or hand held. With the remote control pendant you can take the control to where the work is, great for job and tool setup. Excellent for large format machines like router tables. The M-39 is supplied completely assembled ready to run all you do is connect your own VGA monitor and keyboard. For both CNC retrofit and new machine tool applications.
T-400 CNC control for Lathe and Turning Centers

Are you already familiar with CENTROID's milling controls? If so, you will feel right at home with our turning CNC controls. CENTROID's Intercon conversational programming for Lathe is just as easy to use as the popular Mill version! All common turning cycles are preprogrammed, all you do is fill in the blanks. You will be able to get more work thru the machine with fast part programming, simple tool and part setup, constant surface speed and C axis control.
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